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General FAQs

Q. What are the differences between solid surfaces, engineered quartz, and granite?
A. There are many advantages to each type of product, as well as, many things to consider before purchasing. Please visit our "Products" Section for more details.
Q. Which product is the most expensive?
A. Many factors go into the pricing of a countertop. The most important factor is the color. In some cases, a granite countertop may actually cost less than a solid surface countertop. Overall, though, solid surfaces usually cost the least and granite usually costs the most, with engineered quartz somewhere in between.
Q. Will you come out to measure the countertops?
A. A salesperson would be happy to come to your home to give an in home estimate. Before fabrication begins, we will come to your home to make a template of your existing countertop or cabinets
Q. How does the templating process work?
A. We currently use plywood material to make all of our templates. This provides us with a physical template to which we can check the finished product. Before we come to your home or business to make a template, all cabinets must be set permanently in place and the countertops must be completely free of obstructions. Other companies usually require the customer to remove their existing countertops before a template can be done. At Solid Image we work with the customer and can usually template over the existing countertop. The only thing that would need to be removed would be the existing backsplashes.
Q. How long will it take to get my new countertop?
A. Your lead time will depend on the type of countertop that you have chosen. Our standard lead time for solid surface products is one week from the day we do our template to the day we do the installation. Granite and engineered quartz products usually take two weeks. Lead times may vary, however, depending on the availability of materials.
Q. Can I choose a countertop color based on a picture in a book?
A. Pictures in a brochure are usually helpful in narrowing your selection. However, before making a final selection, we recommend that you view an actual sample. For granite purchases, we recommend that you view the entire slab of material before making a final selection.
Q. Where can I view slabs of natural granite?
A. We have our own indoor granite yard where you can come to view over 40 different colors of natural granite with several slabs of each color. If one of our stock colors does not meet your needs, we can direct you to one of several granite distributors in our region.
Q. What kind of warranties do the products carry?
A. Most of the products we sell have a 10 year warranty. A couple of products carry a 15 year warranty. Granite usually does not carry a warranty. However, if there is a problem with your granite countertop, we will do our best to remedy the problem.
Q. How do I take care of my new countertop?
A. Most products have specific care and maintenance tips. Please visit the link to the product you are interested in for recommendations.
Q. Am I responsible for my plumbing connections?
A. We can provide a licensed plumber to make your connections for you at an additional cost.

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